About us

Big & Small was founded in 2008 by ​​Methos in order to promote relationship and development business opportunities as well as a qualified comparison among the operators working in the area of production activities, with the aim of understanding how and where the socio-economic system is going on.

The title “Big&Small” wants to underline the separation made ​​between the technical department stores and the traditional retail, but also the synthesis of the current state of consumption, where opposites - high and low – are growing  thus compressing the central part, which once was decisive and unmissable .

Along the past years, “Big & Small” has been upgrading as a “technical box” where is possible to deal with economics, finance, consumption and development policies. During the work sessions experts attended in various fields and by sharing strategies, ideas and experiences it was possible to identify new ways to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the economic-productive system . At the beginning the event was limited in a local connotation, but in the following years has gained national and international level that allowed us to establish a complete picture of the markets of consumption, as well as policies and production and distribution systems.

At the beginning Big&Small was born as an annual event dedicated to the analysis of retail formats, then along the past editions “Big & Small” introduced additional opportunities for discussion and widely opened the debate to sectors of credit, - finance, communication, marketing. That evolution is marked by new specialized partners in these sectors - Studio Valla and Archi's Comunicazione - with which it was launched a permanent monitoring of the dynamics of the market, which led to the publication of surveys aimed at identifying new development opportunities for business.

This evolution has been featured by increasing work sessions and strengthening partnerships with the leading production chains . The aim was to give voice to the different souls of the sector which have to meet and discuss to trace the path of development especially when they are facing a period of disorientation due to the stagnation of domestic consumption.



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